Zipscape LLC (a Texas incorporated company based in and conducting business from the greater Houston metropolitan area) owns and operates Zipscape.com and TSFlip.com (collectively “Zipscape”).

Zipscape provides vacation and leisure experiences and a secure platform enabling guests to rent Vacation Timeshares from an exclusive network of verified and trusted Timeshare Owners.
Zipscape offers rental availability and access to over 100 prime resort locations across the world via our exclusive network of verified and trusted deeded owners and members of these Vacation Club and timeshare Resorts. All available and confirmed reservations are verified and guaranteed.

Zipscape operates an online marketplace for timeshare owners to list and sell their Timeshare and Vacation Club ownership to interested buyers.
All resale timeshare purchase and sale transactions are handled by a reputable licensed Closing Company and Buyer funds are held in escrow and released to the Seller when all the resale transaction requirements are completed by both Seller & Buyer and the Timeshare Resort confirms successful transfer of Ownership to the Buyer.

Vacation Timeshare units are more spacious than a typical hotel room; ranging in size and floorplan options that include Studio, One-Bedroom, Two-Bedroom and Three-Bedroom units with accommodations up to 10 or more people with all having access to extraordinary and exclusive resort amenities and features serviced and provided by major luxury hospitality brands (e.g., Marriott, Westin, Hyatt, Hilton & others…).

Owning a timeshare or staying as a guest under an owner/member reservation allows guests to receive exclusive owner benefits and privileges which may include no resort fees, free parking, owner lounge access, food/activities discounts (please check listing details as owner benefits, terms and availability differ by resort).

Vacation Club Resort brands listed by owners and members on Zipscape include: Hilton Grand Vacations Club, Hyatt Residence Club, Marriott Vacation Club, Ritz-Carlton Club, Sheraton Vacation Club (Vistana), Westin Vacation Club (Vistana) and other high-end resorts.

Zipscape is not affiliated nor endorsed by any of the Vacation Club and timeshare brands and only represents owners and members who offer their confirmed reservations or are interested in selling their current ownership at these Vacation Club and timeshare Resort brands.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide exceptional vacation and leisure experiences to our clients by providing the highest quality services for renting, selling and buying timeshares. We aim to make it easy for our clients to experience fabulous vacations through the value and benefits of timeshares. We advise and assist in the sales and purchase process of resale timeshares based on what is beneficial to each client. We focus on building long-term relationships with our clients based on trust, transparency and personalized service, and to be recognized as a leader in the timeshare industry for our commitment to excellence.

Contact Zipscape

Villa rental inquiries and requests: request@zipscape.com 
Buy or Sell Timeshares: sales@zipscape.com
Vacation Club & Timeshare Owners interested in joining Zipscape’s trusted & verified network of owners to rent your units: owners@zipscape.com
Houston Texans game and season ticket requests: texans@zipscape.com
All other general topics: info@zipscape.com

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Renters Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I. Booking & Reservation questions
II. Resort & Stay questions

I. Booking & Reservation questions:

  1. How can I be assured the reservation I paid for is legit and guaranteed?
    • Zipscape has a close and trusted network of deeded members who own at these Vacation Club Resorts and each of them have been verified and all have reputable histories of successfully renting their units to highly satisfied guests. 
    • You will receive the rental agreement with the confirmation and information and you can contact the Resort’s front desk directly to confirm your name is updated on the reservation prior to making full payment for the reservation.

  2. What does Zipscape charge to book a reservation?
    • Zipscape charges guests a flat 3.5% of the listed total price upon booking to cover administration and payment processing; compare this to other booking sites charging from 5% up to greater than 10% of their listed prices

  3. What additional fees or taxes will I be responsible for after paying and booking my reservation?
    • Please note that certain resorts are required to charge guests a mandatory local tourism or occupancy tax which may range from $0 to $25 per night depending on location and size. Please check local statutory tax requirements for the resort to confirm exact taxes which guests will be responsible for paying directly to the resort at check-out.
    • A nominal one-time cleaning/stay fee may be charged by the resort directly to the guest at check-out. This fee may range from $0 to $60 and is dependent on the specific reservation which will be disclosed if there are any applicable mandatory fees the guest will be responsible for paying to the resort.

  4. How is Zipscape able to offer villa rentals at rates cheaper than other sites and even booking with the resort itself?
    • All available and confirmed reservations are that of deeded owners at the respective resort where the owner has invested and owns an interval or right-to-use of the property. The owner pays a fixed annual maintenance fee which allows the right to reserve and use the unit for a certain number of nights and stays during the year. In most cases these maintenance fees are significantly lower than the average cost per night offered directly by the resort or other options.

  5. Why is my reservation non-refundable?
    • These are owner reservations whereas the owner incurred significant annual maintenance fees to be able to secure the reservation which you are renting. Often these reservations need to be reserved well in advance (up to 12-months out) and there are significant costs and penalties for an owner to cancel or change a reservation. If the owner is unable to use or rent the reservation then it will likely get forfeited (with no recovery of the significant maintenance fees incurred for the use year) since other dates and options are often booked up and no longer available during the use year. By making Zipscape’s reservation policy non-refundable for all guests, it mitigates the risks and costs to owners who can factor this in and offer the great deals made available to you.
    • You have the option to obtain third-party trip insurance for your reservation. There are many reputable travel insurance providers if you do a search on the internet. Zipscape does not provide travel insurance nor does Zipscape have experience dealing with any third-party travel insurance provider and can not make any recommendations.

  6. What are my payment options and are they secure?
    • Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) payment securely managed and processed through Stripe.  Payments via Zelle and Venmo are accepted as well.
    • Stripe is a trusted and secure payment platform that handles billions of transactions around the world for companies like Expedia, Booking.com and Uber. Zipscape has partnered with Stripe to securely process your credit or debit card payment.

  7. Can Zipscape or the owner modify or adjust an available or confirmed reservation for different dates or number of nights?
    • No. Once your reservation is accepted, confirmed and paid for, it can not be adjusted or modified since in most cases other dates are likely booked up and not available to be adjusted. Guests are able to check-in at a later date or check-out at an earlier date during the reservation period without penalty. Please inform the front desk of the resort as applicable.

  8. Can I receive credit for unused nights if I check-in at a later date or check-out earlier during the reservation period?
    • No. Since the reservation is fixed for the specified period, no credits or refunds are allowed for unoccupied nights

  9. Can I change or update the reservation information to someone else who will be checking-in instead of me or the original person indicated when the reservation was booked?
    • Yes in special circumstances subject to reason and approval. There is a $50 fee for any name and information change on the reservation payable by you to Zipscape.

II. Resort & Stay questions:

  1. What kind of view will my unit have?
    • Majority of available Units are “floating” (rather than “fixed”) meaning the actual unit will be assigned at check-in based on availability taking into account applicable specific view type (e.g., Oceanview) that was reserved by the owner. Your reservation detail will indicate if there is any special view type that is confirmed.

  2. Can I make special requests for a certain floor, view or building at the resort?
    • Yes. Once you have confirmed and paid for the reservation, you can contact the Resort’s front desk and ask them to include in the notes to the reservation any requests. Please keep in mind the Resort will try to their best to accommodate but there are no guarantees.

  3. Can I check-in earlier than the Resort’s standard 4pm time?
    • Please confirm the resort’s standard policy check-in time which is typically 4pm local time. You may try to check-in earlier for your reservation and the resort will try their best to accommodate if the villa is cleaned and available for early check-in but no guarantees. The resort will not accept early check-in requests via phone as it will be first-come/first-served basis. Most resorts can hold onto your luggage until your reservation is ready and allows usage of the resort’s amenities while you wait.

  4. Can I check-out later than the Resort’s standard 10am time?
    • Please confirm the resort’s standard policy check-out time which is typically 10am local time. You may request the resort for a later check-out time and they may accommodate but no guarantees as they need to clean and prepare the villa for the next round of guests checking-in. Most resorts can hold onto your luggage and allow usage of the resort’s amenities for the remainder of the day.

  5. Do I get daily housekeeping during my stay?
    • Daily housekeeping service is not included with your reservation. If you want daily housekeeping service, then please check with the Resort to see if they offer daily housekeeping service for an additional fee. Most resorts provide guests with additional clean towels, soaps/shampoos, bedding during the stay upon request.

  6. Are pets allowed?
    • Majority of the resorts do not allow pets. Exceptions may include authorized service dogs. Please check with the specific resort to confirm the pet policy.

  7. How do I purchase a membership or deed to become an owner at the resort?
    • If you enjoyed your stay so much and are interested in purchasing a membership or property deed at the resort, then there may be a few options: 1) Ask the sales staff at the resort to get more information on availability and pricing. The sales staff

  8. Am I required to attend a timeshare presentation?
    • No. Some of the resorts on Zipscape may offer discounts, merchandise or other monetary incentives for attending an ownership presentation. While you are, of course, welcome to attend such presentations, you are NOT required to attend as a condition of your booking with Zipscape.